My Stats

Age - Mid 30's

Height & Weight - 5’6"/135lbs

Measurements - 34B-30-32

Ethnicity - Caucasian, American

Heritage - Irish, European Gypsy (would like to know for sure! Any Genealogists?)

Languages - English

Breasts - Natural

Hobbies - Sexual academics, travel, canna-sensualism, yoga and pilates, meditations

Zodiac - Scorpio

Smokes - No cigarette smoking, very 420 friendly


Little Things

About you:

I see everyone and anyone who contacts me authentically. I do not discriminate. The only requirement is discrete screening.


Although I am sensitive to certain smells, I love to smell delicious and hope you do as well. If you prefer I do not wear perfume, please note so when booking. I enjoy an enticing cologne.


While I do love gifts, I am much more interested in securing my future. Please keep this in mind when wanting to do something nice for me. This will go a long way! Check out my gifting page on how to contribute. Wishlists are also available.

Tastes and Preferences


Spicy and farm-to-table. I also love Indian food and enjoy trying new dishes.

A little lush:

Wine sense - I love dry reds. I rarely drink, but when I do, I prefer it to be exquisite in taste. Terpenes and terpenoids, I am most fond of more than wine. Share with me your favorite kinds!


I try to avoid sugary desserts, but if you find a delicious gourmet treat, please bring to share! Alon's in Atlanta has European specialty desserts to die for, while Whole Foods has healthier options. Depending on what area I'm in, let's chat about the delicacies that await your city!


I am a big audio & visual person. I love a sexy mood setting and intricate details. Lighting effects go a long way when getting details just right.

There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being un-apologetically herself.
— Steve Maraboli

Love Affair Ahead!

What are you waiting for?