Please read carefully!

All currency is listed in USD$
Incall limited to pre-screened CLIENTELE with 2-hour minimum 1st encounter
Outcall always PREFERRED, hourly available
Credit Accepted after 1st encounter

Press here for Philanthropic Impressions


Trouble verifying? Send a gift ahead. 

I understand how hard it is sometimes to give information to a stranger online to secure her safety before she meets you privately. With this option, she can accept a generous offer in lieu of personal details. Afterwards, you can schedule more time with her at your convenience for a more intimate encounter. Via Amazon Allowance or gift rocket/card. Cash apps available in limited use. 


Per HOur
am or afternoon delight?

Fancy an hour or two? Then this option is best for you! We meet, embrace, then casually find out what makes each other.... #wink. I shine during all my encounters and your's will be no less than thrilling. After the fireworks, we end our time together with a promise of more to come! 


3 hours, your imagination.

Often, during my shorter encounters, I am left feeling a little less than completely satisfied. With 3 lush, full hours with you all to myself, we should both achieve max pleasure! Let's start with a nice red, that you've brought to share, and feel it as it courses through us as we entice one another endlessly. 


5 HOurs, dinner and dessert. 

To wine and dine me when we meet, is one of the most generous activities we could do while together. To feed me, is to 'love' me. I revel in gourmet foods and enjoy trying new courses. After our dinner, we return to prepared accommodations where we revel in one another. 



Both of the below options are also good for travel dates. If this option appeals to you, the rate listed includes my air fare and additional travel expenses (within the US ONLY. Please email me to discuss world travel; I am passport ready). Please be advised, if traveling is your preferred option, 50% of the gift will need to be secured before I make travel arrangements. 

A course for the curious.jpg


overnight bed and breakfast

Need even more time to hold my curves? Then maybe an overnight engagement is best suitable to meet your needs. We will meet in the early evening for planned activities, dinner or your delight, then we hold one another while we sleep and wake up to my favorite mealtime - breakfast! If we're lucky, we save just enough time for more affections. 


sun up, SUNDOWN, & sun up again! 

Have a grand adventure in mind? Just want me all to yourself a bit longer? This engagement is best for us! Show me around your favorite places, add me to that dreary business trip, or let's cast away on an island for a long break! I am a hedonist at heart and love the many resorts that cater to the lifestyle. Plan with me!