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Recent legislation has made both our lives less safe. For your protection and mine, please screen with the providers you choose to see. It is essential that we both participate in this act of DEFIANCE To keep us both safe and out of harms way.

I accept workplace and two current provider referrals (within last 12 months). Discreet calling and optimal privacy when checking employment/business ownership. Please send providers phone, email, and website for references (Please also notify the provider that you have used them as a reference before sending info to other providers).

Military and Other Government: Happy to see you.
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I am well educated and versed in many different areas of life. I have a BA in Psychology - emphasising Sexuality and currently in a Masters Program focusing on our relationship in this little space of ours (specifically, Sexual Right and Justice for US!). It's hard to contain my insane thirst for knowledge. Currently, I am beginning my journey towards becoming a sexual surrogate and therapist to sex workers and our lovely clients, like you!

Humor. Have some. I'm also stealthy funny. You'll have to meet me to get this. I assure you, I will keep you on your toes, in many ways. 

Politics? If we must. Art? Yes, please. Traveling the world? I want to share must-do's! Medical Marijuana? I think I love you. 


Reviews are welcome on Private Delights. You can also search “Alivia Leveauxxx” and you will find past TER (7+ pages of 8/9/10’s) reviews, if needed. Experience has shown I am much more than the portrayed. I would offer a money-back guarantee, but how fair is that? Come see for yourself! 


Be prepared for a wonderful and opulent time. Whichever place we are, you'll be certain to be entertained! I am always enthusiastic when it comes to your date! I cannot wait to meet you and get to know you! My imagination runs wild with our adventures that await! Dinner and a movie.... in an empty theater? Playing tourist in another city? Wine and dine, back to the room because we can't keep our hands... Well, you see where I'm going with this. Let's plan now! 


A PRIORITY for me, and should always be for you. Be well dressed, clean, and remember, cologne goes a long way! I love a good-smelling Date. I am tested regularly and practice gfe, mostly at my discretion. Communication about such is just as important. I am a sexual health representative and can provide a plethora of information if needed. Please do not ask me for any acts involving unsafe activity. I am up for mostly anything, but let's play safely! 


While I strive to be inclusive in nature, I may not be able to accommodate everyone equally. Please be mature enough to understand consent and able to practice it in my presence. I am very verbal and you will know my consent when I give it. I hold all right to end your Date at any time deemed necessary.