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Atlanta 3/11-3/17
Tampa -Miami 3/18-5/1
(and Passport ready for fm2y!)
$usd$ and
Credit Cards accepted after first encounter

Aloha and Welcome, I am happy you're here. We have many things to discuss! I am a well versed companion hailing from Hawaii. I tour extensively, and would love to visit you anywhere you are. Look out for my schedule and lets meet! 

To start, take a look through my gallery and see if you like what you see.  I am sure you will be impressed. I have yet to disappoint. My whole career as an elite escort - capable of taking your every breath away - has been exhilarating; and it's all because of you! 

Then, sit back and look deep into my thighs and wonder about Me. Wonder what it would be like to meet me, that first glance... My lingering perfume as we hug for a friendly first meeting. 

I have a long reviewed reputation online and if you search a bit, you will find all the info you seek to help you make a thorough decision in meeting Me.  I am well traveled and college educated. I have always been a sensual creature at heart and find this occupation fits all My needs... again, you being a big part of all the fun! Each experience is unique and I treasure every meeting - It's always beyond expectations!   

Finally, scroll down and you'll find my contact form. This is the most efficient way to get my attention and the quickest way we will meet. I really appreciate a well thought out introduction. I pride myself on simplicity and elegance, making this process easy for us both.